Your American Legion Post 280/VFW Post 2671 is honored to host the 2018 Army/Navy Game Chili Cook Off to benefit Guardians of the Children.  Entries can begin arriving at 9:30 am and must be signed in by no later than 11 am on Saturday the 8th of December. Results of the judging will occur around noon. Two prizes will be given. Best Chili, as picked by the official judges, will receive an apron and Fan Favorite picked by those attending the event. Pictures of the prizes are shown below.
1. Entry fee of $10 for every chili entered into the competition. 

2. Attendees to the event make a financial contribution of their choosing to have access to the chilies. There is no set fee or suggested donation, we just ask those attending to donate what they feel comfortable contributing. All contributions go to Guardians of the Children to aid in their mission of helping abused and neglected children in our community. Our goal is to raise $750 for them to provide Christmas presents and other much needed supplies for the children they are currently sponsoring and to aid with those children they will sponsor in the future.

3. All chili will be brought in prepared and ready to serve in a crock pot or other style heated container. Please bring plenty, we want to make sure no one leaves hungry!
4. Each chili entered will remain secret and assigned a name or number along with a heat rating (mild, medium, hot). Contestants are not to tell anyone, except the person assigning the name or number, which chili is theirs. 
5. No canned, restaurant, store, or otherwise purchased chili may be entered. Only chili cooked by the contestant, using their own combination of ingredients, is allowed. 
6. Contestant must be the person who prepared the chili. You cannot ask someone else to cook it for you and then bring it in as your own.
7. Both Judge's, and Sample bowls for attendee voting, will be provided for by the Post.
8. "Best Chili", as judged by the official judges, will be based on 4 categories: Appearance, Smell, Blend/Use of spices, and Overall Taste. Judges will rank each chili with a score of 1 to 10 in each of these areas. The Chili with the highest overall score wins. In the event of a tie, 3 random people will be selected from the crowd to judge the tied chilies in the categories listed above. 
9. "Fan Favorite" will be selected by a tally of ballots. Attendees to the event can taste sample sized amounts of each chili entered and rank them in the order of preference. Ballots will be placed into a box and the results tallied. In the event of a tie, 3 random people will be selected from the crowd to judge the tied chilies.
10. After all judging has taken place, both winners will be announced and the awards will be presented. 
      "Best Chili" Award                                               "Fan Favorite" Award     
Please come and join us for a fun filled day of friendship, holiday spirit, and great food. After the event stick around for the 2018 Army/Navy Game! Kick off is at 2 pm. This event is open to all and we are family friendly. See you on the 8th!